The Amazon is now a net carbon producer, but there’s still time to reverse the damage

The Guardian, Ane Alencar & Adriane Esquivel Muelbert in 19/07/2021

A study published in Nature this month by a group of Brazilian scientists revealed that the Amazon is now emitting a billion tonnes more carbon dioxide each year than it can absorb.

To change this situation, we must better implement enforcement to fight and inhibit illegal activities that cause deforestation and environmental crimes in the Amazon; provide positive incentives for sustainable use and good practices in forestry and agriculture; support indigenous peoples and local communities’ economies; increase transparency and traceability of Amazon products; and engage the private sector and international community in green financing and other environmental solutions.

From individuals to large organisations, we must boycott the products and initiatives that drive deforestation, and instead consume products and fund initiatives that keep the forest standing. If both the Brazilian and global societies don’t wake up to the importance of a healthy Amazon to the fight against the pervasive effects of climate change in the region, we will all lose out.