Will Sustainable Food Finally Integrate the Menu?

Diálogo Chino, Fermín Koop in 09/11/2021

Food production is responsible for a third of greenhouse gas emissions, and environmental policies for it do not attract as much attention from governments and businesspeople. During the COP26, however, agreements and promises indicated a new future for sustainable food.

In the first week of the conference, the governments of Colombia, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Brazil and Paraguay signed agreements for a more sustainable agriculture and hundreds of companies pledged strong investments in this area.

In addition, representatives from 28 countries, which account for 75% of world trade in commodities with a high risk of deforestation, gathered at the Dialogue on Forests, Agriculture and Commodity Trade and announced the FACT Roadmap. The document proposes solutions to reduce deforestation and forest degradation, support small farmers and improve the transparency and traceability of production chains.

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