Indigenous Agents Use Drones and AI to Combat Deforestation in the Amazon

Mongabay Brasil, Juliana Ennes e Leandro Chaves in 21/12/2021

Indigenous peoples from the Katukina/Kaxinawá lands, home to the Huni Kui and Shanenawa peoples, have been using drones and artificial intelligence software to monitor encroachments on their lands. According to a study by Imazon, the indigenous reserve is the most threatened by deforestation in Acre.

Indigenous leaders and other agroforestry agents were trained by the Pro-Indian Commission (PIC), a non-profit organization that fights for the rights of indigenous groups and other marginalized communities. The training includes not only monitoring and protecting the territory, but also land management and sustainable agricultural practices for the local population.

Using the PrevisIA artificial intelligence tool, developed in partnership with Microsoft, Imazon detected 878 square kilometers of land at high risk of deforestation in Acre, spread across all 22 municipalities in the state. This includes areas within 20 conservation units and 29 indigenous territories.

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