Deforestation in the Amazon Grows 33% Compared to 2020

Uol, in 17/11/2021

The year of 2021 registered an increase of 33% in deforestation compared to last year. Data collected by the DAS (Deforestation Alert System) show the worst rate recorded in 10 years. Nearly 10,000 km² of forest were lost.

Pará appears at the top of the ranking of states that deforested the most, accounting for 56% of the 803 km² deforested in October. The second state with the worst record was Amazonas, which registered an increase of 39%, compared to the same month in 2020, going from 76 km² to 106 km² deforested.

According to researcher Antônio Fonseca, from Imazon, the demarcation of protected areas, such as indigenous lands, conservation units and quilombola territories, and increased inspection will be fundamental to reversing the picture of forest degradation.

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