Solar Energy Advances in the Amazon. But Why so Slowly?

Diálogo Chino, Monica Prestes in 14/04/2022

According to estimates by the Institute of Energy and the Environment (Iema), Brazil still has around one million people without any access to electricity, of which 990,000 are in the Legal Amazon.

As a result, the most recent phase of the federal program Luz Para Todos is focused on the Amazon. As part of this effort, a regional utility was hired to install solar panels in remote areas around the capital of Manaus and in six municipalities on the banks of the Purus River, such as Lábrea, where the region’s new frontier of deforestation is advancing.

In addition, a series of tax incentives have been approved to facilitate the acquisition of inputs for sustainable and low-impact energy generation. In a decade, the imported value of solar panels in the Legal Amazon jumped from US$ 31 thousand to US$ 13 million between 2012 and 2021.

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