Envoy of Biden, Kerry says ‘Amazon will disappear’ if US does not negotiate with Brazil

BBC News Brasil, Mariana Sanches in 12/05/2021

In an accountability statement to the United States House Committee on Foreign Relations this morning (12/05), John Kerry, Climate Special Envoy for the Joe Biden government, defended the need to negotiate climate agreements with the Jair government. Bolsonaro, at the risk of the Amazon “disappearing”, despite criticizing the environmental policy of the current Brazilian administration. “Unfortunately, the Bolsonaro regime has reversed part of the environmental inspection,” said Kerry.

“We are willing to talk to them (Bolsonaro government), but we are not doing it with a blindfold, but with an understanding of where we have been (in the recent environmental debate). But if we don’t talk to them, you can be sure that that forest will disappear “”, said the special envoy, referring to the Amazon.”

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