MEPs Travel to the Amazon to Assess Export-linked Deforestation, Ana Carolina Amaral in 15/07/2022

A delegation of three European parliamentarians arrived in Brazil for the state of Pará, where they will meet with representatives of traditional communities, NGOs and researchers. The visit seeks to understand the impacts of Brazilian exports to the European Union on the advance of deforestation, climate change, biodiversity and human rights.

The delegation is integrated by the German Anna Cavazzini, vice-president of the European Parliament delegation for relations with Brazil and negotiator for the Green Party on the trade agreement with Mercosur; Frenchman Claude Gruffat, member of the delegation for relations with Mercosur; and Frenchwoman Michèle Rivasi, an environmental health expert and focal point for indigenous rights on the parliament’s development committee.

In addition to the trade agreement with Mercosur, the European Parliament is due to vote in September on legislation aimed at banning the import of products linked to deforestation, requiring that importing companies present audits that guarantee the origin of raw materials such as beef, soy, palm, coffee and wood.

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