Failures in the control of slaughterhouses call into question promises to combat deforestation

Repórter Brasil, Isabel Harari e Naira Hofmeister in 04/07/2022

Pressed by consumers and threats of an international boycott, the three largest Brazilian meatpackers operating in the Amazon promise to achieve zero deforestation in their production chain this decade. The opening of pasture for livestock corresponds to 90% of deforestation in the Amazon. an analysis by Repórter Brasil of current practices and plans disclosed by JBS, Marfrig and Minerva raises doubts as to whether the companies will be able to achieve this objective.

The verification platform created by the meatpackers to monitor their chains is based on documents that can be forged and depend on the voluntary delivery of information by the producers. The cattle supply chain in Brazil is complex, with animals constantly being transported from one farm to another several times, either for fattening or to disguise their connection to properties that have been illegally deforested.