Indigenous Communities Collect Native Seeds to Save Waters and Forest in the Amazon

Estadão, Eduardo Geraque in 25/04/2022

Deforestation is the main villain behind the decline in water quality in hydrographic basins such as the Xingu River, between Pará and Mato Grosso, in the Amazon. Knowing this, members of the Juruna and Xavante ethnic groups, who live in this region, created the Xingu Seed Network.

The initiative brings together groups of native seed collectors, including indigenous people and family farmers who live in settlements, with the aim of recovering areas of the Cerrado and the Amazon. ​Seeds collected under the program are used by rural landowners who need, by law, or want to recover part of their properties with native vegetation. After two years, on average, the so-called environmental services of the forest are usually accounted for.

With the expansion of the project, the collection also became an option to supplement income. The 294 tons of seeds, collected by 35 groups of collectors, which have been marketed to date, have grown around 25 million trees on 7,400 hectares.

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