Most of the government’s green plan funding had already been announced

Valor Econômico, Fabio Murakawa, Matheus Schuch e Mariana Ribeiro in 26/10/2021

On October 25th, the Brazilian federal government launched the National Green Growth Program, which should be presented at COP26 that began on October 31st and ends on November 12th, in Glasgow. Brazil has been singled out as a “climate villain” on the international stage, largely due to the speeches of President Jair Bolsonaro and the bad image left in previous negotiations.

The program defines actions of ten ministries, with credit lines up to US$ 70,5 billion (R$ 400 billion). However, there is only about US$2.5 billion (R$13.89 billion) added in new economic incentives recently negotiated with the New Development Bank (NDB). The remaining credit lines were already made available through other projects, such as the Low Carbon Agriculture Plan.

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