Mysteries of the Amazon Are the Focus of a Development Project

Valor Econômico , Daniela Chiaretti in 13/05/2022
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Despite having unimaginable treasures, the Amazon still suffers from poverty and the difficulty to occupy its territory in a sustainable way. Currently, the largest region in the country has some of the worst social indicators and the highest rates of violence, while having a demographic bonus and open lands with enormous potential and forest.

The Amazon paradox is that its large number of young people suffer without economic options, 90% of the deforested areas are unproductive and the forest only has value on the ground. Despite its riches, the Amazon has serious poverty problems. The region accounts for only 8% of the national GDP and emits more than 40% of greenhouse gases. It is a very polluting economy and generates little wealth.

Thus, diagnosing, analyzing and seeking paths for the crises that overlap in the Brazilian Amazon are the focus of “Amazônia 2030”, a project that involved 60 researchers from universities in the Amazon, FGV, Insper, PUC-Rio and other institutions in the Brazilian Amazon. parents.

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