Pantanal has lost 74% of its water since 1985, and researchers say Brazil is drying up

Folha de S. Paulo, Phillippe Watanabe in 22/08/2021
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Over the past three decades, Brazil has been getting drier. The country, from 1991 to 2020, lost about 15.7% of its water surface, the equivalent to 3.1 million hectares. All biomes had losses, but Pantanal is in the most concerning situation, as it had a reduction of 74% of its water surface. The data comes from a tool recently launched by MapBiomas.

The destruction in the Amazon also influences the situation in the Pantanal, according to Bernardino, researcher at WWF-Brazil. “The Amazon plays a fundamental role for rain in South America. This large system that helped to regulate precipitation was impacted,” said Bernardino.

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