Pirarucu Promotes Development

Estadão, in 28/03/2022

The traditional peoples of the Amazon have a historical relationship with the pirarucu, an important source of food and income for the local population. With that in mind, it is essential to preserve the environment where this kind of fish live so that production is not abruptly interrupted.

In flooded areas of the forest, such as in western Amazonia, pirarucus inhabit large lakes and, in rainy seasons, spread to other locations and colonize other lakes.

Understanding this, scientists realized that if a lake is closed for fishing for a period, the fish stock will be able to recover. In other words, the rotation of fishing in the different lakes will ensure that fishing production is guaranteed throughout the year for local communities.

In addition to a vision of the future, results are also important. The recovery of the fish population has improved fishing and each lake now generates an average of US$ 9,000 in extra annual income for local communities.

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