Amazoniar Project fosters debates on relations between Brazil and Europe

IPAM, IPAM in 21/12/2020

The Amazoniar Project, an IPAM’s (Amazon Environmental Research Institute) initiative opens a channel of dialogues between Brazil and Europe to discuss the Amazon and give visibility to the impacts on the forest. Every fifteen days, Brazilian and European experts discuss topics such as international trade, field research, biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.
The first thematic cycle, which lasts three months, focuses on trade relations between Brazil and the old continent. The conversations are broadcast live on IPAM’s YouTube channel in English.
Preserve and know
Aware of the importance that reliable information has in the decision making of global players, institutions and states, the series seeks to give visibility to those who study and understand the Amazon. It also intends to arouse public curiosity and disseminate tools to broaden the debate and promote new ideas and solutions for the biome.
The forest preservation is vital for Brazil’s future relations, as well as for the maintenance of the planet’s health. “What we want with Amazoniar is to establish a dialogue channel with the international community about the Amazon”, reinforces Paulo Moutinho, senior researcher at IPAM. “The first phase of the project establishes the exchange of technical information on the role, negative or positive, of international trade on the sustainable development of the region”, he adds.
Research released in June by Inpe (National Institute for Space Research) shows that between January and May 2020, deforestation in the Amazon increased 34%, compared to the same period in 2019. This is equivalent to a loss of 2,032 km², only in the first 2020 months. In October 2020, satellites monitored by Inpe showed that the fires in the region had already exceeded the total recorded from January to December 2019.
The degradation scenario generated a wave of concern among different sectors of the national and international community. The care with the nature and the planet and Amazon biome preservation now seems to be of concern to consumers all over the world, especially Europeans.
Amazoniar seeks to promote dialogue and sustainable development in the region and in Brazil. Follow IPAM on social media to watch the episodes:
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