Executive Report – Study of Forestry and Climate Change Requirements for Brazil’s Accession to the OECD

Brazil is currently undergoing an evaluation of its candidacy for accession to the OECD. With regard to public policies dealing with forests and climate change, there is standardization of standards in relation to the requirements of the OECD.

However, for the OECD to accept the Brazilian request for becoming a member of the organization, the effectiveness of its regulatory instruments also matters: this is Brazil’s main challenge.High and increasing levels of deforestation and policies contrary to the promotion of a green growth agenda weaken its international credibility.

On the other hand, there is an opportunity for Brazil to obtain efficiency gains from an improvement in its regulatory quality in the environmental and climate field. Based on an efficiency frontier analysis, the Politica por Integer found that OECD member countries present greater generation of economic wealth given the use of their natural resources, compared to non-member countries.

In this report, the organization analyzes legal requirements, incentives and efficiency, in addition to a benchmark of Colombia’s experience, to arrive at five main recommendations to the Brazilian government, full members of the OECD and think tanks.

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