Coconut Breakers Create Consortium to Reach the Global Market

Folha de S. Paulo, Marcelo Leite in 05/12/2021

Coconut breakers, gathered in 12 organizations, created the Consórcio Babaçu Livre, which works to guarantee better prices for the workers’ products. The group has plans to expand to the international market, ensuring sustainable products of traditional origin.

Thanks to the organization of the consortium, producers can choose between receiving R$ 3.80 per kilo of nuts or exchanging the lot for goods among more than 2,500 items in the eight small markets in the region. In addition, sustainable production contributes to the preservation and recovery of forests in Maranhão, Tocantins, Pará and Piauí.

The breakers use the chestnuts collected in babaçu, or cocai forests, characteristic of the transition zones between the Amazon forest, cerrado and caatinga. In total, the forests extend over 250,000 km², an area comparable to the state of São Paulo, and are under threat from farmers and land grabbers.

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