Reforming Pastures in the Amazon May Be Cheaper Than Deforesting, According to Study

Globo Rural, Cleyton VIlarino in 01/09/2021

Investments to increase livestock productivity and reform pastures may be cheaper than deforesting to open new areas, according to a new study. The opening of pasture is currently the main reason for deforestation and burning of native vegetation.

According to Paulo Barreto, associate researcher at the Amazon Institute of Man and Environment (Imazon), one of the founding members of OCAA (Amazon Observatory on Trade and Environment), the 222 million acres used for pasture in Brazil are already more than enough to maintain national livestock production.

According to the study, it would be necessary to invest R$ 270 million per year to achieve the demand for meat. On the other hand, deforestation of native vegetation would demand a 71.5% higher cost, estimated at R$ 950 million, without increasing productivity.