EU backtracks on anti-deforestation bill

Observatório do Clima, in 29/06/2022

The European Council released its regulation proposal to prevent commodities related to deforestation. The document was criticized by NGOs for weakening some topics previously presented by the European Commission last November.

The European Commission’s initial proposal stated that European buyers of six commodities (meat, cocoa, soy, wood, coffee and palm oil) could audit suppliers to ensure that any products from areas legally or illegally deforested after December 2020 could circulate in the European market. However, the recently presented text brings some amendments. Among the critical points are the change of the cut-off date to zero deforestation and concessions to livestock activity – the main responsible for deforestation in the Amazon.

In addition, Brazilian and European NGOs pointed out some shortcomings in the text, such as the lack of mention of indigenous rights, the change in the deforestation cut-off date and the use of very strict criteria to define “forest”.

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